Roman Re-enactor Outfit Special

NIX is proud to present exact copies of this pictured lorica segmentata as well as the other equipment belonging to Dan Peterson, author of "The Roman Legions re-enacted in Colour Photographs."
Click to view pic ALL ITEMS listed:
TN9001DP ~ Re-enactor Lorica Segmentata $450 [US]
TN6052 ~ Re-enactor Iron Iperial Gallic 'G' helmet $275 [US]
TN3853DP ~ Re-enactor wood (no leather) scutum shield $250 [US]
TN3501DP ~ Re-enactor Pilum spear $175 [US]
TN4211C ~ Re-enactor Pompeii gladius sword $165 [US]
TN3264E ~ Re-enactor Pugio dagger with brass embossed scabbard $145 [US]
TN3868 or TN3846 ~ Re-enactor legionary cingulum (apron belt) $165 [US]
TN5000DP ~ Re-enactor caliga sandals $150 [US]
Limited time Roman Legionary re-enactor special.
Purchase any four of the above items and receive a 5% discount. Purchase the entire legionary outfit as above and receive a 5% discount as well as your choice of any type of Roman helmet (with or without crest) in the NEW GREEK AND ROMAN HELMETS HERE section or the NEW FOR 2001 ROMAN HELMETS HERE sections. You will also receive, free of charge, the Roman legionary kit as accessories numbers TN3982B and TN3982C. This is a limited time offer and is subject to cancellation at any time.

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